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Lion's Mane (Pom pom blanc)

(Hericium erinaceus)

Also known as Lion’s Mane or Pom Pom Blanc, this mushroom is classified as a functional food, often referred to as nutraceuticals. Popular in Chinese and Japanese cuisine, Pom Pom Blanc is renowned for its potential health benefits.


Rich in essential nutrients such as vitamin A, C, H, zinc, iron, germanium, potassium, and selenium, this mushroom also provides crucial amino acids. Research suggests that Pom Pom Blanc may support brain, nervous system, and digestive health, while also exhibiting potential anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory properties.


With a taste resembling seafood, akin to crab and lobster meat, and a mild, slightly nutty, slightly sweet aroma, Pom Pom Blanc offers a unique culinary experience. Whether eaten raw, dried, or cooked, it excels in various dishes, including frying, baking, and serving as the main ingredient in sauces, soups, and stews. It pairs excellently with garlic and makes a delightful addition to pasta, salads, and sandwiches, making it a versatile choice for both meat-based and vegan cuisine.


Lion’s Mane boasts a delicate taste and texture, adding sophistication to any dish.